Mixing Vocals


Mixing vocals by Niclas Lundin

1. I use Autotune 8 in graphic mode to tune my vocal. That one is always first in my plugin chain.

2. Neve 1073 Legacy. Great sounding preamp! All I did here is boost a little level and a little bit high end as well as a low cut. . (It looks like the mid and the low end is a bit boosted too, but note that they are in off mode)

3. UAD Fairchild 670 Legacy Compressor. Love it. I press pretty hard through this one!

4. Logic Channel EQ. I try to never add frequencies with this but rather just subtract. Someone taught me to avoid adding digital frequencies and I try to stick to that (with a few exceptions like the Neve 1073 for example).

5. Waves C4. I use this one as a De-esser. Gives me a lot more control and sounds better than anything else I tried. It’s a 4 band compressor and I normally use the two highest bands with he attack as fast as possible and the threshold and ratio working together to take a bit of the sharpness away without taking too much.

6. UAD Teletronix LA-2A Legacy. Very nice Compressor to give that extra nearness to the vocal.

Reverb and delay is on a bus each and I use the sends to control how much. My favourite reverb is the UAD Lexicon 224. I usually work with a quite long reverb on low level.

When I use delay I have come to use Waves H-Delay most often. I make sure to automate the send, most of all to try to avoid as many consonants and fast words as possible to make the delay sound less messy.