Clean Mix before Mastering

If you’re uncertain on how to get a clean mix before sending it to us. Here’s an easy way. just follow the steps below.

Start fresh… Mute everything. Bypass everything on your master channel. Limiters/Maximizers are bad for mastering.


  1. Start with the kick. Make it solo. Make sure it doesn’t peak red on the master channel. Yellow is good!
  2. Unmute the bass. Keep it where you want it but don’t let the kick and bass peak red together.
  3. Do the same thing with the Snare. Everything should sound loud enough and thumping without peaking red.
  4. Now adjust volumes and pans on the rest of the sounds. The master should never peak red when you’re done. Yellow is the key color! (No limiter)
  5. Before you export the track level the master volume down to -3db or even better -6db.


Make sure you have plenty of headroom (-3db is standard but -6db is better), no distortion or peaks over 0 dBFS.

Clipped-Sine-graphic-3If the sound of your mix depends on the plug-ins on your mix bus, keep them, but bypass your brickwall limiter.


Stereo wave file in 16 or 24 bits only, no stems. Now you’re ready to send it to: through