Crossfade Music Sweden is the promotion platform and House Label for the Underground. Our scouts are currently networking and searching for talents such as producers, songwriters, artists and Dj’s for development. We’re launching our first four ”The Selection” Compilation Albums in association with Paralife Music and LANDR.com. If you’re interested in getting released and promoted by a powerful Swedish platform, please submit your track(s) and apply by clicking here!

Crossfade’s ”The Selection” is a monthly release concept with different genres within the house-scene. It contains skillfully crafted tracks from multiple artists from different places around the world. ”The Selection” Compilation Album gives the Underground Community a platform to get heard through the noise. Because we all know how much time and effort it is required from a talented producer and musician to create great music, Crossfade has partnered up with the online mastering service LANDR.com, and we promise all our listeners a quality-full audio experience.

If you are interested in releasing with us, please visit the ”Release Sheet” section on the menu bar above.

Good luck!

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